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The 22th International Surface Finishing China Exhibition

ALLMELUX participated the 22th International Surface Finishing China held in ShangHai New International Expo Centre. In this fair ALLMELUX demonstrate the environment technology products and provide customers with better service.
The topic of our company in this fair shows our company developed new
technology, new processes and new products.And with the same industry has done a number of technical exchanges between. We showed products with latest technologies in this market,which are representing our pursuit as always on high-efficient,energy saving and environment-friendly products.Our new surface treatment agent such as: nickel-free sealant,non-chrome passivation agent,casting surface treatment technology has attracted many customers to negotiate.Also has signed supply agreements with some companies,to the fairs integrated effect.
So far,ALLMELUX can not developing fastly without the support of all our customers. We will be in technical innovation,with high quality products to customers back.
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