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Zhuhai Allmelux Chemical Co.,Ltd. located in Zhuhai Gaolan harbour fine chemical Zone,Guangdong province of China is a high-tech enterprise which devotes itself to researching、producing and selling advanced environmentally friendly additives for aluminum surface treatment and electronic chemicals.

A wide variety of chemical products are provided by Allmelux, including:
Anodizing Series Chemicals for Aluminum Alloy
Aluminum Alloys High Anti-corrosion Conductive Oxide Series of Chemicals
Pretreatment Chemicals Before Coating of Aluminum and Its Alloys
Antiseptic treatment series for other Metals

Getting support from its technicians with high quality and high academic credentials and teams with advanced management ideas and market administration ability, persevering in persistent standpoint of market-oriented development, the company sticks to promptly providing customers with high-tech products and services with super quality and competitive price.